J.D. Hughes: And Soon The Song



It’s nothing like giving birth. At least, as far as I’m capable of judging, from the second-hand experiences of an interested observer and part-time punchbag (twice).

It’s more like dragging a recalcitrant teenager out of bed on a school day.

Those who write as well as read will know what I mean. AND SOON THE SONG, my second novel, is almost out. It’s at the door holding on to the door-frame and yelling obscenities. As I write, I’m prying its fingers off, one by one.

This book is not a cousin to NORTHMAN, or even a descendant; it’s more a sibling. It addresses many of the themes visited in my first novel, but from a slightly different perspective. It also has a few new themes that are particularly close to my heart and perhaps, my anger. In essence it’s a classic ghost story, but with a few twists. It’s a…

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